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Re: Karma
(account deleted) 04 Jan 2023 22:49
in discussion Wikidot version 1 / General talk » Karma

i have level 1 on my Karma level

Level 5 Heading
Re: Karma by (account deleted), 04 Jan 2023 22:49

You have to use email services that are not free.

Re: mailing problems by SCPISNOTSAFESCPISNOTSAFE, 02 May 2020 17:34

Hi Rockpath,

Sorry you haven't received a response yet. I just saw this.

Are you still having this issue?

~ Leiger - Wikidot Community Admin - Volunteer
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Re: I don't understand by leigerleiger, 22 Dec 2016 04:49

I want to use the listPages module to grab a bunch of pages within specific dates. So like from August 2013 to December 2013. But I'm confused how to do this. I think you use <>, but I'm not sure what would go after

I don't understand by RockpathRockpath, 24 Dec 2015 02:21

Hi, my forum for is not working. all posts will post then no one can view them.

Forum Not Working by aforrestaforrest, 02 Jun 2012 14:40

Ah ok I just searched for Markdown and stumbled upon this thread not knowing there was a diffrence. I`ll request it.

Re: add markdown support by HayertjezHayertjez, 23 Jan 2012 22:02
Re: add markdown support
(account deleted) 23 Jan 2012 21:45
in discussion Wikidot version 1 / Requests and Ideas » add markdown support

The open source project has been dead for some time. Are you currently running it on your own server?

If you're hosting your site on and want this feature, you should request it on the Feedback site where the development will see it.

Re: add markdown support by (account deleted), 23 Jan 2012 21:45

Just a Bump. Well I would really like an option or Markdown formatting.

Re: add markdown support by HayertjezHayertjez, 23 Jan 2012 21:18
(account deleted) 12 Nov 2011 17:26
in discussion Hidden / Per page discussions » Installation Guide

I think the Open Source project is dead. Rather than re-type everything from a post I made almost a year ago, you can read it here:

The short version is that I have been successfully running an older version of WDOS for a few years, but the current version seems to be difficult/impossible to install cleanly. I haven't messed with it in a long while and I'm just enough of a Linux noob that I have trouble problem-solving issues when I run into them.

Since the version I'm running as well as the current version here are both far, far behind the current feature set of, I have a hard time recommending WDOS to anyone at this point.


by (account deleted), 12 Nov 2011 17:26


i tried to install wikidot on my home server - running a somewhat current debian squeeze version.

First thing I noted is that the git submodule spyc from


could not be fetched. Therefore I downloaded the version directly from sourceforge

Then i used the postgresql-8.4 version to install tetex-bin tetex-extra seemed already be outdated and i did not use them. When running make the error occurs that the function set_curcfg does not exist. After some searching i found that this function is part of the tsearch2 module which is part of the postgresql-contrib package. After installing the package and running the sql file on the database (psql wikidot < tsearch2.sql) the next error occured -
Uncaught exception 'OzoneDatabaseException' with message 'error: ERROR: invalid value for parameter "default_text_search_config": "default".

/var/log/postgresql/postgresql-8.4-main.log dumps errors like that:

CET ERROR:  schema "ts2" does not exist
CET ERROR:  function set_curcfg(unknown) does not exist at character 8

So i was wondering if the Open Source version is still supported and if anyone has a solution to the problem?

Best Regards

Oi Adriano, muito obrigado. Dois dias quebrando a cabeça, sua solução foi a perfeita.
(Thanks, after 2 days working hardly, your solution to this is perfect!

too bad the wikidot content itself is not stored in GIT, because right now there is no way to get a complete backup of your data in wikidot.

Trapped in the cloud…

When swimming, always wear a to avoid prolong exposure to chlorine or brine which causes your hair to tangle.

by hairstyles for thin hair (guest), 16 Jun 2011 07:29

Yes sir ! I got the same doubt

He told me clearly that we need to get Litespeed server installed. So I have immediately got the license and given to him . He installed it and tried the WikiDot installation.

Please be informed that the script "wikidot" needs litespeed webserver instead of Apache to work properly.

Later replied me that he got that error[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)

As you said that litespeed is not necessary…I will tell him to un-install it. SO that I can save future costs Or I will keep using it

Could you please let me know how to proceed further with or without litespeed

Thank you!

I'm not sure why you use litespeed at all. Didn't you confuse it with Lighttpd?

Piotr Gabryjeluk
visit my blog

Hello Developers !

We are installaing the script on CentOS with VPS Environment . A developer is helping us to install it.

We have installed Litespeed server too on his advice .When he started installation of wikidot,he got an error and unable to replicate it.

Error :[0:]: errno=Connection timed out
fatal: unable to connect a socket (Connection timed out)

Could you please let me know how to resolve it.

By the way , Is Litespeed really important for WikiDot installation? Right now we are using Litespeed 's trial version and needed to upgrade if it is necessary for Wikidot

Thank you!

Well, it can be done by converting Markdown files into Wikidot syntax, and then uploading via the API…

Re: add markdown support by pieterhpieterh, 29 Mar 2011 15:27

I doubt it - as far as I know the only features that are going to be added to the open source version of Wikidot, are those that are already being used at - and support for "Markdown" syntax isn't one of those features (not at the moment, anyway).

~ Leiger - Wikidot Community Admin - Volunteer
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Re: add markdown support by leigerleiger, 29 Mar 2011 15:21

Thanks for this howto! Do you think we will be able to download a new version of wikidot soon?

That is understandable. I have been asking Michael and Piotr if they can release the current coding for modules. I have been wanting to port current modules to Wikidot Open Source. I was able to "emulate" a ListUsers module on OS but I don't want to rewrite every single new module.

However, I have not received replies from either of them…

Kenneth Tsang (@jxeeno)

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