Comparison To Other Wiki Engines

The aim of this comparison is to give a quick look of how Wikidot compares to other wiki engines in terms of availability, easiness, fitness, technology used and possibly other areas.

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Wikidot MediaWiki Confluence PmWiki
License APL GPL


Wikidot MediaWiki Confluence
Tables yes yes yes
Tables sortable no1 yes yes
Tables based on attachments no no yes2
Footnotes yes yes yes3 ?
Images yes yes yes ?
Redirects yes yes yes4 ?
Iframes yes ? yes ?
Smileys no ? yes ?


Wikidot MediaWiki Confluence
WYSIWYG editor no yes5 yes6
Search pages yes yes7 yes
Search attachments no yes
Search extended to other spaces no yes yes
Categories yes yes no ?
Templates (voluntary) yes ? yes ?
Templates (live) yes (per category) ? yes89 ?
Page comment yes yes yes ?
Blog can be created by user10 ? built-in ?
Issue tracker can be created by user11 ? Jira integration ?
Third party plugins no yes yes ?
Watch12 wikipage yes ? yes ?
Watch wikisite yes ? no ?
Watch wikifarm no ? yes ?
Import no, except clonage yes yes ?
Export/backup yes yes yes ?
LDAP login no yes13 yes ?


Wikidot MediaWiki Confluence PmWiki
Can attach files to pages yes yes yes ? ?
Attachments versioning no yes yes ? ?
Attachments listed by filetype no ? yes ? ?
HTML accepted yes no yes14 ? ?
JavaScript accepted yes can be created by user15 yes16 ? ?
Thumbnails generated for images yes yes yes ? ?
Thumbnails generated for PDF files yes ? no ? ?


Wikidot MediaWiki Confluence PmWiki
Pages restrictions at wish yes17 yes18 yes ? ?


Wikidot MediaWiki Confluence PmWiki
YouTube videos yes ? yes19 ? ?
Vimeo videos yes ? yes20 ? ?
Google gadgets yes ? yes21 ? ?
Widgetbox gadgets yes ? ? ? ?
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