Wikidot Open Source Changes In Trunk

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I decided to wait no more and share what I've kept at my local disk. I committed the changes I've been working on to the repository.

The biggest change is Wikidot is now single wiki engine by default (you need additional configuration for the wiki farm mode).

What demonstrates the change is the simplified installation process.

Now it's as simple as installing any other software or service:

  1. install the dependencies
    • for Ubuntu: sudo aptitude install lighttpd php5 php5-cli tetex-bin tetex-extra gs-gpl imagemagick libmagic1 subversion postgresql-8.3 php5-tidy php5-pgsql php5-gd zip make
  2. get the code
  3. if on Ubuntu: configure conf/wikidot.ini and set user at [db] section to your login name
  4. prepare database (create role and database)
    • as user postgres: make prepare_db
  5. build Wikidot: configure files and make initial dabatase
    • as you: make
    • this prints a secret URL at the end, you'll use it to configure Admin password
  6. start Wikidot
    • ./wikidotctl start
  7. set Admin password
    • use your browser and navigate to the secret URL make prints at the end

We would like to finally create Debian/Ubuntu packages for that (once it gets more stable and have some bug fixed). So keep tuned!


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