Bug Killing Day

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tags: bugs fixed

Today 4 pending bugs, that were small, but quite annoying were fixed by me:

  • 2 — long awaited fixing of SearchAll module,
  • 9 — some minor display issue on my account page,
  • 10 — another issue on my account page (but this could be fixed after installing in Site Manager) and
  • 16 — recently raised bug concerning missing pages.

Bugs 16 and 10 were easy to fix, because we have nice dump system I described before.

Fixing these is important because now I will work on developing forms for Wikidot. This means I won't put much attention into fixing small issues, while working on this big feature.

Also we want to make a first Wikidot release (with or without forms), so basically these fixes were more important than big new feature (that wouldn't be necessarily ready for the first release).


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